Fatherhood: From Molecules to Society

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Eduardo Fernandez-Duque
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Eduardo Fernandez-Duque

Professor Eduardo Fernandez-Duque was born in Argentina where he obtained his first degree in biology and zoology. When he came to the US in 1990, he focused his studies and research on topics related to animal behavior, primatology and biological anthropology (PhD, UC Davis, Postdoctoral fellowships at Smithsonian Institution, Harvard University and Zoological Society of San Diego). Professor Fernandez-Duque's research questions are focused on why some primates live in monogamous groups and why some male primates are such good fathers. For almost twenty years he has been exploring these questions focusing on some of the incredible monkeys that Yale Educational Travelers will have a chance to observe together. His field research in Argentina and in Ecuador, past travels through most Latin American countries, and his participation in conservation courses in Namibia and Venezuela have given Eduardo an understanding of the challenges faced by these primate populations. Together with his colleague and wife, Professor Claudia Valeggia (Anthropology, Yale), in 1999 they established Fundación ECO in Formosa, their small contribution to addressing these important issues. They are sure to add a great deal to your Amazon experience!

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Fatherhood: From Molecules to Society

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