An Academy Special: Reconstruction to Right Now

African American Civil Rights: From Reconstruction to Right Now

The evolution of this nation toward freedom and equality for all is a story full of tension, turmoil, and triumphs. From the end of the U.S. Civil War to our present-day times, explore the journey of African American citizens toward the country's founding vision of a more perfect union. This program features four themes: Reconstruction, Rights, Revolution, and Right Now, explored through online museum exhibits, videos, collections from Yale's archives, virtual visits to historical sites around the country, and live events.  Explore these tours, content, and conversations on-demand from the Yale Alumni Academy.  

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James Meredith Monument Mississippi
  • A Special Yale Alumni Academy Travel Program

On The Road To Freedom: Understanding the Civil Rights Movement

On this custom designed travel program taking place October 23 - 30, 2022, you'll trace the history of the Civil Rights movement, with Yale Professor Crystal Feimster. Visit the major sites of the movement—from Alabama to Mississippi to Arkansas, and Tennessee.