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Yale Alumni Academy and the Yale School of the Environment have assembled a distinguished roster of expert faculty to address the leading climate change issues facing our planet. These presentations, offer alumni participants interactive lectures and discussion sessions designed to inform, educate and expand your thinking on this important topic. We hope you will join one or more sessions for a challenging and thought provoking opportunity to stay current on how Yale faculty are grappling with issues related to climate change. 

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Gerald Torres

Professor of Environmental Justice

Gerald Torres is a Professor of Environmental Justice at the Yale School of the Environment and a Professor at the Yale Law School. He is former President of the Association of American Law Schools...

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Alison Richard

Senior Research Scientist in the Yale Anthropology Department and Franklin Muzzy Crosby Professor Emerita of the Human Environment

Alison Richard was Provost of Yale University from 1994-2002. She has studied the ecology and social behavior of wild primates in Africa...

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Joe Manning

William K. & Marilyn Milton Simpson Professor of Classics & History

Joseph Manning grew up in Western Springs, IL and received his MA and PhD from the University of Chicago. Most of his early work was within a framework he terms Analytical...

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Karen Seto

Frederick C. Hixon Professor of Geography and Urbanization Science

Karen Seto is a geographer by training, her research focusing on the links between urbanization and sustainability, including urban expansion and the loss of agricultural...

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The Environmental Leadership and Training Initiative at the Yale School of Environment prepares and supports people from all sectors and backgrounds to restore and conserve tropical forest landscapes using strategies that support biodiversity and livelihoods. Earn an online certificate in Tropical Forest Landscape Conservation and Restoration.

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